Debbie Lowery is a hobbyist photographer. She has been traveling around to beaches, wetland & any off the beaten paths that may have “Over Looked Treasurers” Debbie got started a few years back with a point and shoot camera then moved up to a Canon rebel. Always pushing for more professional pictures. She moved up to the Canon EOS 50D with ( L) Lenses. Debbie’s style of photography is, in her words ” Life As I See It”

Debbie has shot some incredible pictures of wildlife. Up close and personal with gators, Birds, Dolphins. She has had the pleasure of shooting Edwin McCain, Morris Day & The time. Debbie’s passion for her art does not stop there She has shot amazing photo’s of Wake boarding, BMX Dirt bikes, Wetlands, Beaches, Old building, Cajan life.

Debbie has met some incredible & interesting people on her travels. She has shared many of her pictures on this site telling there stories one frame at a time.

Enjoy the site.   

Debbie Lowery crop